Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Getting Kinda Of Hectic

As an electrician, this kind of story scares me. I need to do more research, but I can't figure what they thought they would get from electricians. The truck, tools, or perhaps credit cards? It just seems a lot of work to only get someone's credit cards, but it's not a bad idea when used the right way (and you suspend legalities).

This is exactly why I carry at least until the point I have to go into the crawl space or attic. The last thing I want to do is lose my firearm in the insulation (by the way, I once lost my keys off a carabiner after my belt loop broke without me knowing it) and have to go back with a magnet.

I have to admit there have been times where I've carried into someone's house and thought about how they might have felt about me if they knew I carried. And then considered putting my firearm back into the truck. These are the stories that strengthen my resolve. Please consider this event if you hesitate in exercising your 2nd Amendment.


  1. I posted the same story too,and for the same reasons. You have a human and civil right to defend yourself my friend.

    By the way, just want to throw this at you. The chance to meet up, perhaps do some shooting at a local range one day. Just a thought if you get time from your busy schedule.

  2. Yeah I'd love to. I've been following your footsteps lately. I went over to Hi-Caliber a couple of times lately (not to shoot yet). I owe you thanks for both there and Big Woods.
    I have three big jobs coming up the next three weeks and nothing yet after that. I hope to be free by then, or if the jobs go smooth (which never do) then I may finish them early in the week. I'll send you and email to see when your free.

    Also, one of my bro-in-laws has a bigger company than me (I'm by myself, he has 6 or so trucks), and he was pretty freaked out over this event. He doesn't carry, but I think he's getting closer. My youngest bro-in-law works for him and he does carry. He spends quite a bit in advertisement so this has got him thinking someone could pull this on his guys.

  3. What story? I looked for a link but I couldn't see one.

    I carry everywhere. As soon as you don't, something is just guaranteed to happen.

  4. It concerns robbers who broke into a home and used the phone book to call electricians, and then tried to rob them. The first one got shot and then they tied him up and put him into a room. They then called another guy and shot him as well, but he was carrying and shot back. One robber was hurt, and the others fled. This was done and south Fulton (I believe). I haven't checked on the story since Friday so I'm not sure on any updates.

    I'm sorry the link's not working, It should work over the "this kind of story" phrase.

  5. FSB, that sounds like the old "let's rob the pizza delivery man" with a different twist. I don't envy you having to go into places where you don't know the people.

    The link isn't showing up for me. I use Firefox for a browser, maybe that's the problem.