Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trash Heap Of History

Walter Williams is the man. He has to be one of my favorite thinkers of the modern era. Please read this article and marvel at his insight. I realize that much of his thought is brought about from a speech he attended, but I love him the same. I have a minor in history and ponder (and wrote papers) on this very topic throughout my college adventure.

Much of the reasoning behind our contempt for nazism, over communism/socialism is that we joined forces with the USSR in order to defeat the nazis. ONLY after Germany fell did we learn what deals we had made with the devil (to be fair, many generals [Patton especially], tried to warn our leaders). Additionally, the nazi's crimes were well known and "others" felt the brute of their ideology. Whereas, the communists "mostly" killed their own. Why this doesn't make much sense, people tend to overlook what "crimes" one does to his/her self, but heavily frown on crimes done to others.

The article states that nazis killed 20 million of their own and of those in countries they occupied. The Germans never killed their own in any "significant" numbers unless they are counting those lost due to warfare. This, in my opinion, is different than killing as a result of a purge.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Email Horrors

My Grandmother used to always quote Numbers 32:23. The later half of the verse basically says "Be sure your sins will find you out", meaning you will most suredly get caught if you pursue wrong doings. Seems this man never met my Grandmother . I don't have a problem with someone who is proud they're white or black, or blue all over, but when you mix two different ideas into one, that's where you start to look foolish. He says one group(all blacks)steal, etc., then states that they(possibly black leadership)brand them (white cops) racists if they (maybe insert "happen" here)to shoot a black gang member. If this man didn't harbor racist/bigot mentality, he would have left out the stealing part, and just complained that its hard to be a white cop, to do your job at times, when you get attacked at every corner when you deal with black perpetrators.

In this way, the focus would be on perpetrators, who happen to be black, and a cop, who happens to be white. It also doesn't help his case when there was other racial comments involved in the article as well. Character is often thought of as what your doing when no one is watching. Sometimes, our character presents itself in the darndest ways.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Technically the Korean War never ended. That's what worries me. North and South Korea had a little navy mix up earlier this week which left the North with some egg on it's face. Of course the North has done its best to promise retaliation. Between this hot spot and the Israeli vs. Iran scenario, we could be in for a rough Christmas. A situation like one of these would really put a dent in our "recovery".

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanks Be To Our Soldiers

Is there anything more depressing than soldiers who commit suicide? What generally causes a civilian to commit suicide? Stress, pressure, a "bad life", a feeling of worthlessness, ungratefulness? With the invention of intercontinental missiles, the need for walled cities became obsolete. I believe the soldier of today is our country's "wall". The wall allows it's citizens to debate this and that, feel protected, and plan for it's future. That is why I believe it is a serious issue to have our brave ones die by their own hand. The country's wall is eroding, and nothing is being done to prevent or repair (in my opinion) our wall.

I believe stress is sure to be a big part of the reason, but I'm afraid unappreciation is pretty high on the list as well. The Bible states the if you strike the shepard the sheep will flee, but I believe if you take the heart of the soldier you do the same (take the fight out of the dog). This tactic has been used since the beginning of warfare. Think of what the Germans did to the Russian (constant broadcast that they were losing etc.). I also can't help but think of a story out of the Bible dealing with the Assyrians versus the Kingdom of Judah. The viceroy of Assyria spoke out to the city of Jerusalem in Hebrew on perpose so that the whole city would understand their ultimatum. This was done to drive fear and doubt into their hearts, and mistrust for their leadership (Kingdom of Judah). Fortunately for Judah, they had a strong King and their ploy failed. Perhaps if we had a strong leader our soldiers would take heart and prevail. Our soldiers need to know that they are loved and they fight the good fight for all of us. Please let them know they are counted on. You may be the linchpin that saves a soldier's life down the road.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Break Is Over

I've been away for quite some time due to a bad hard drive. I've only been able to get online via safe mode, so I haven't felt comfortable blogging. I'm kicking myself for not learning more about computers. I've also been quite busy with work the last few months which is rare for someone in the construction field. I'm just going to ride the wave as long as it takes me.

The NY 23 race really caught my eye mostly due to the fact that a "3rd party" particapant was thought to have a real fighting chance. Having majored in Political Science in college, I knew that it is extremly rare for a 3rd party candaiate to be successful in anything more than mucking up the other two candaidates. However, this time, this guy, was looking seriously set for the upset. But alas, he lost, or so we've been led to believe. It seems that as the votes are coming in, he's only 3000 away instead of the 5000 last week. AND, they haven't counted the 10,000 or so absentee ballots yet.

What really gets me angry is that State Board of Elections made it seem as if there wasn't a chance for him (Hoffman) to win so he gave his concession (which any good conservative will do when it appears over, instead of acting like a child and asking how dare the peons not vote for me). They've sort of appologized saying it was a bit hectic and the call screeners read some counts wrong back to the headquarters ,but maybe it had something to do with Pelosi and the health care bill. 220-215, means that the bill passed by a 3 vote margin. So, if only three more people had voted nay it would have failed. The one lone Republican that voted yes, only did so when the vote was 218 for, so it is probable he might have voted nay if he knew his vote tipped the scale. Knowing that it had won, he voted yes. But what if Hoffman realy is victorios? That's one more vote nay, then perhaps Cao (lone repub) may have voted nay, now we have two. The third vote may not have came but would have made this a heck of alot closer. I imagine that if Hoffman does pull it off you may hear a lot of republicans looking for a re-vote. The moral of the story is never count yourself out, until the count is completely out.