Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Bet You Would Like That

I've become too depressed to blog lately. Story after story, of stupid, nonsensical, idiocy surrounds me. Check out this story found over at Survivalist News ( FOR HERMIT).

I bet this guy would like to see the Americas in some sort of union, modeled after the European Union. Even as the EU teeters on disaster, this joker wants us to give it a try. Germany is still reeling from absorbing East Germany back into the country. Even though this isn't a perfect example, we would suffer significantly through a America Union (or whatever they would call it).

As Americans, we differ from others in the present age. We're individualists, and don't like big governments (at least for now the majority don't). Much like the Greek city states we wish to be governmened locally where we have a say.

I can only hope that much like the Jews who cry "Never Again", we Americans will use the Revolutionary War as our rallying cry, and proclaim "Never Again" will we succumb to rulers foreign and/or abroad.


  1. You can't let it get you down. We live in bad times, but that's where we live. I get depressed with the way things are going too, but I take a lot of comfort in knowing there are many good people out there who feel the same way I do.

  2. Hermit, I thought about you when I wrote this, I remember you talking about this feeling a couple of months ago.

    If we were able,(and wished to toture ourselves) we could probably sit at our computers from morning to the next morning, writing about how our society is tanking.

    I think the trick is pacing ourselves, and take baby steps. I agree as well, it does help to know there are people, who aren't listening to the top 40 on the radio, or watching MTV, but are looking for ways to making this country healthy again.

  3. Well, it's hard to know what to do. Personally, I am not condemning JXe StXcX for crashing his plane into the IRS building. But I don't want to do something like that, as I'm not interested in being dead. Having read his manifesto, I can see how he reached the conclusion that there was nothing left to do. Ten million blog entries condemning the depredations of the government don't do an iota of good. Writing letters to your congressmen, who are part of the system and only interested in perpetuating it, doesn't help either. What can a person do?

  4. I feel ya about the depression on blogging, took yesterday off to watch bad movies on AMC instead.

    As to your post, I still believe most of American are asleep or distracted to care about their lost freedoms.

    Hopefully the continuing Tea Party and blogs will wake them up to the reality that is today.