Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Old Days

Today I worked on a house that didn't have central heating or cooling. It got me thinking about how things used to be and what they could be in the (near)future. The house is about 80 years old and a basic single story, old, 4 room house with a room in every corner.

My job was to supply the Heating and Air guys with electricity so we could upgrade the house to what is "standard" (hot and cold air)for Americans these days. The house was built around the idea that the fire place would support heat throughout the house, which was somewhat efficient. Today's homes really aren't built properly to support this same idea. Yes you may have a fireplace, but it often can't support the square footage of your house, especially if you have high ceilings. This is why many people will supplement space heaters (which often trips the breaker, I know this because I get many a call to fix this problem), typically in bedrooms and basements.

If TSHTF many people are going to learn to have to confine themselves to the room with the fireplace (in the winter time of course)and in the summer they'll have to tough it out or head to the basement. A stove (wood,coal,etc), for the most part, can remedy this problem in no time. If you plan to build a house in the future (as is a dream of mine), keep in mine a stove, or a fireplace in a central area. It may be also helpful to install one that would allow you to cook there as well.

While it amazes me that it was once common not to have central heating and air, I can have comfort that we can survive (if need be)once again if things get ugly. However, I reckon there will be many who will have to "adjust".

Friday, December 18, 2009


Today I had to pull a permit to move a meter for an entrance sign. The meter supplies 3 circuits, 2 for lights that shine up on the sign, and one for a convenience outlet. In order to accomplish this I first had to find out if the job fell in jurisdiction of Cobb County, or the City of Marietta (It was Cobb County).

Then I arrive at the Cobby County permit office, and have to wait until they're ready for me (which they make it seem like I'm hassling them of course). They then need my business licence, electrical license and a form filled out with the job information. After I hand the nice lady (she was actually pretty nice) all the info she tells me I need a 10,000 code compliance bond (which costs me $50) which I need to purchase at a insurance company. I have to climb back into my truck and head over to the nearest insurance company which happened to be State Farm.

I head into the office and inform the lady there that I need the compliance bond and she nods her head, and with a smirk asks me to sit down. She ask if this is for a big job (it was if she was used to guys like me coming in for little projects), which I reply no. She chuckles, and we talk about how stupid (basically) it is to have to do this for such a little job. She quickly fills out the paperwork and off I go back to the permit office. I wait in line again, and then get the same lady I saw first . She inputs most of the info, and then tells me I need to get the o.k. from some guy across the room since this is technically a commercial job (the sign is for a nursing home).

So, off I go to desk across the room, and find that no one is around. I ring the bell (as the sign requests) and wait a few minutes, until a nice man (everyone I dealt with was basically kind, just slow), asks me what I need. I tell him, and he walks off with my paper into a cubicle. He comes back with his initials on my paper, and I head back to the original permit lady.

The lady takes the paper, and asks for $30. After she takes my money (rather the customers money), she hands me the receipt and I'm finally finished with probably one of the easier experiences with getting permits.

So now you know why contractors don't like dealing with the government.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Billboard Fun

This may be a "sign" of things to come. Found off Interstate 70 in Missouri.

Tim Tebow- Love Him Or Hate Him?

I've only recently became a fan of college football (I've always enjoyed the NFL). I moved around a lot growing up, so there was never really a push for a college team (whether football, baseball, etc.). I also tend to work on Saturday so I never had opportunities to watch college football. I still don't have a favorite team per se, but enjoy many teams based upon how I feel about their coach or players. Because of this, I may be a fan of a team one year, and not the next (coach leaves, or players) graduate).

I understand that most people didn't grow up the same way I have, and as a result, may view some coaches/players with a peculiar disdain. Perhaps you hate a particular coach because he left you high and dry for another team. Or perhaps a player "rejected" your school for an opposing team. Many despise coaches/players because they always seemed to defeat their team at every turn.

Why do so many people loathe Tim Tebow? I tend to follow Georgia or Georgia Tech, because I live in Georgia; however, the last few years I've found myself straying a bit. I'll admit that I've been somewhat of a Florida fan mainly because I enjoy the character and skill Tebow brings to the table. I appreciate someone standing by their religion and walking the talk. It has become popular to see a player or coach give a shout out to God during an after game interview, but Tebow appears to take it a step further with his actions.

I'd like to state my case for why I'd like to see him succeed. 1) The above mentioned strive to honor God in all he does. 2)His passion to excel in the arena of football. I never get the feeling that he's only in it for the sole opportunity to make money. 3) His ability to lead his teammates. 4) The rare chance to have a high profile person, in my generation, who seems to champion the cause for good (the guy uses his week off for spring break to help people in the Philippines).

So why all the hate for Tebow? Well, I believe there are two camps. The first camp consist of those who don't like him because he plays for the other team, and its a unwritten rule to do so. I actually understand this camp since, it tends to be a result of their upbringing rather than some actual hatred for the guy. Additionally, many people tend to forget this rule when the player advances to the NFL. I'm sure there's many people in Pittsburgh who hated Hines Ward (from Georgia) in college, but love the fact he plays for the Steelers now.

The second camp consist of those who feel the opposite of the four reasons in what I like about Tebow. They hate the fact he wears his religion on his sleeve. Every game (since the middle of last year), Tebow writes a Bible verse on his eye black. Eye black is the grease or sticker that is applied underneath the players eye to help with any glare from lights. Tebow uses this small window of opportunity to witness to others. I, for one, appreciate this form of witnessing than those that stand outside the stadium preaching. That form of witnessing tends to push people away IMHO. During the title game last year, Tebow wore John 3:16 on his eye black. Here's an interesting fact, his Bible verse(s) is always at the top of the searches at both google and yahoo after every game.

Most people despise Tebow because he appears too perfect. I sincerely believe that people actually get a kick out of people failing. When people fail, it tends to make the rest of society feel "normal" and good about themselves. For most of the people in the second camp, Tebow is a mirror of what they wish they could be, and they feel awful about it.

Finally, you may hate the guy, but I promise you would rather have him help your spouse on the side of the road than who you think is your favorite player. However, I wouldn't want to be the man for anything in the world. The pressure he is about to endure is unbelievable. He's about to graduate and enter the real world, and the gloves will be taken off. Everyone is watching, waiting for him to slip up. Tim Tebow is like the bold, idealistic, young hero setting out on a quest like in any book you've read. Hopefully, he'll succeed where others have failed.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Lizard Funny Time

I saw this over at The Feed (which is a pretty cool site). I laugh every single time I watch this. Good times, good times.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Moore and Obama

It looks like Moore believed Obama was really going to listen to the loony left. Moore recently wrote a heart felt letter asking, no imploring, Obama to stop sending troops to Afghanistan. He thought Obama was the man, but what he really got was the "man", as in, we got to fight the "man", man. Ha Ha, just another politician providing "bread and circuses" to the people.