Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Think I Need To Chill

I posted this as a response over at Conservative Scalawag concerning this topic. It turned into a rant that I figured I might as well post here.

The night before he had a guy on his show. Bill O'Reilly was talking to him about his (Bill's) belief that 10% of the Tea Party is wackos. He then asked the guy if he knew of any groups that represented that 10%.

The guy was careful not to say they were (Oath Keepers), but did say they "could" be down the road, or that they were close. Bill said he was going to call them up and have someone on to give their story. Needless to say I was proud there were guys out there, in their positions of authority, and couldn't wait to hear from them the next night.

Long story short, I was pissed at Bill after seeing that segment. First, the guy from the Oath Keepers did a good job stated the reasoning behind the group and their objective, and how they swore an oath to the Constitution first and foremost. His goals were that they educate military personal and LEO's this insight.

Second, Bill always blasts people over how certain laws open doors for further actions down the road (slippery slopes). The part where he's saying (or implies) that the Government would/or only would take guns in situation were they really needed to, really, really pissed me off. And then said the Sheriff in NC, and the actions in Katrina needed to be done to "control the situation". The first thing that came to my mind was how the redcoats probably thought the same thing.

That's enough for now I was pissed at him Thursday night over this (or which ever night it was), I need to enjoy the rest of today.


  1. There are certain folks on Fox News, like Bill or Patty Ann Brown.

    These folks are from northeastern cities,and were raised with a fear of guns.

  2. Seeing that I have no other way to contact you at this time. I just wanted to let you know since you are in my area, if you are going to attend the Cobb Tea Party. If so, I'll be there wearing a black Don't Treat On Me shirt and a green Come and Take It hat.

    Also, if possible email me at to exchange infor. Perhaps we can go shooting one day.

  3. They sale fear. It is their job. They do not care about anything else in life. They exist to amp up anxiety, sale useless bobbles, and help sow seeds of confusion not knowledge. Only listen on occasion to know the pulse of the duplicitous class.