Monday, January 18, 2010

Police Oppression?

Saw this over at a great blog called Pro Libertate article date Jan 18th(I don't know how to add video yet). What really struck me was the fact that they didn't even ask anyone around what happened, and went straight to detaining the Jet's fan. I thought it was awesome that the Charger's fans came to his aid. Go over to Pro Liberate and read his thoughts, he says it better than I could.

P.S. The soccer riot further down at Pro Liberate is pretty interesting as well.


  1. The Jets Fan video has been edited, so I can't comment on that. All though I will have to give the benefit to the citizen,and not the police. You known, innocent before found guilt.

    The soccer game, that was clearly way too far, for police - let alone the rent-a-cop. Next time he should think before betting up a citizen.

  2. There are so many laws, that a gov't simp can get you any time he wants to. Freedom ain't free.